Relais Royal Tikehau


Cameron & Helena LUCK

"We spent 4 wonderful days here. The staff treat you like royalty. The food was terrific and the after dinner show was lots of fun.
Great weather, great staff, great room and overall well worth the visit."

Lorenzo & Elisa

"We spent here the last 4 days of our honeymoon and really enjoyed our time.
The staff make you feed home and the chef is a great cook and singer."

Emmanuel CHAMBON

The site, the realization, the welcome, the kindness, the cuisine...
Marvelous moments, too short….. but we will return."

Hina, Tauturuhe, Tuarii et Hiuahere

"A note of music, a pinch of salt, a drop of Chablis, a tear of coconut milk, a pod of good mood, two armfulls of kindness and heat, savours of the lagoon and « voilà », this is the Royal Tikehau ! To be consumed with no boundaries."


"Thank you for this unforgetable day. A true corner of paradise is Tikehau. A great meal, was prepared for us by very good cooks. It was a delight. Thank you also for the warm reception. While hoping to return to see you very soon."

Jean-Luc & Maryse BERNABEU

"A too short of a stay made us all the same discover all the simple pleasures of this small paradise. Sea, beach, sun, fish, everything… And with a welcome reception of the most cordial, a great user-friendliness in simplicity and with humour in every moment. Therefore, goodbye and thank you for everything."

Ghislaine FERRER

"It is difficult to find the words, so much have they already been employed. Thank you to everyone without exception,... the peace, the harmony, the wellbeing, the tranquility and serenity were the companions of our stay. Only one wish... to return to see you again very quickly. Continue to make us dream. Thank you!"

Eska & Bob BRUNKER

"Wow! What an amazing experience we have had here at Relais Royal Tikehau!
You have a great skill in making us feel at home abd like family."